Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)


Plug Types

Voltage & Plug Type

The FSM uses a 110-volt power system and dual flat pin outlets (grounded or ungrounded) like the United States and Japan. No transformers or plug adapters are available on the island, so visitors coming from anywhere other than the U.S. and Japan are advised to bring their own.

Power Service

Pohnpei’s electricity comes from the Pohnpei Utility Company (PUC), a strange public-private entity that has proven itself to be wholly inept at providing reliable power to the island’s residents. Though there has been talk of research into alternative sources of power, currently 100% of the electricity produced by PUC comes from diesel-burning generators, which regularly break down.

Cash Power

All electricity on the island is provided on a pre-paid basis through something called Cash Power. Residents and business owners purchase units of power from PUC, which then credits their meters. If you end up staying in a house, rather than a hotel room, you’ll have to buy your own cash power. As of November 2013, electricity was a whopping $0.54 per kilowatt hour. Cash power can be purchased at the main PUC office on Main Street (bring your meter number). You can also buy cards in $5 denominations at most stores around Kolonia. PRD Drive-Thru on Main Street is a good place to go for late-night purchases.

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