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Check out our detailed analysis of different styles of footwear, including tennis shoes, hiking boots, sport sandals, and FiveFingers, and learn how well each performs in Pohnpei’s conditions.


Backpacking Stoves

Read our analysis of three different types of backpacking stoves and why we choose one over the others for Pohnpei trekking excursions.


Backpacking Cookware

Explore the pros and cons of three different cookware sets and read our take on the best type for different hiking and trekking excursions on Pohnpei.


Water Bottles

Check out a comparison and contrast of two different categories of water bottles and why we think one is better than the other for hikes on Pohnpei.



Which is the best option for treks in Pohnpei’s mountainous, rainforested interior — tents or tarps? Read our analysis here.


Snorkeling Pohnpei’s East Side

With coral-studded lagoon pools, reef walls plummeting into the azure depths, barrier reef passages, marine protected areas and stingray sanctuaries, there are plenty of places to snorkel on Pohnpei’s wild east side. READ MORE . . .


Pohnpei Marine Protected Areas (MPA)

Pohnpei currently has eleven marine protected areas, including three mangrove forest reserves and two stingray sanctuaries. These are some of the most diverse and beautiful natural environments that the island has to offer. Entry into MPAs is by permit only.


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What to Bring

What should I bring with me when I visit Pohnpei? What types of clothing should I pack? Can I use credit cards and debit cards for purchases? Where do I get cash? Do I have to bring all my eco-adventure gear with me or can I rent it on the island? What special items do I need for hiking and trekking, diving, surfing, etc.?