Marine Attractions
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Marine Attractions Eco-Adventure Guide

This 18 x 20 inch (45.72 x 50.8 cm) full-color double-sided field guide folds down to 9 x 4 inches (22.86 x 10.2 cm) and focuses on ocean-based activities and adventures around Pohnpei. It contains:

Marine Attractions Eco-Adventure Guide Marine Attractions Eco-Adventure Guide

Marine Attractions


Kayaking, Canoeing & Paddleboarding

With mangrove forests full of twisting passages surrounding all the coasts, more than a dozen beautiful lagoon islands, amazing snorkeling spots on the reef inside the lagoon, marine protected areas, and barrier reef passages, Pohnpei is absolutely fabulous as a ...
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The kiteboarding (or kitesurfing) sport has been slowly developing on Pohnpei since the island established itself as the "undiscovered" dream destination of the surfing world in the early 2000s. Interest was especially heightened by the ecstatic reports of professional kiters ...
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Lagoon Island, Reef Islands & Atolls

Pohnpei has more than a dozen lagoon islands -- some with high volcanic hills and others of the low, coralline variety -- scattered around its coast. Additionally, there are two atolls near enough for day-trips and three more that require ...
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SCUBA Diving

Most of the divers who visit the Micronesian region focus on well-known destinations like Palau and Chuuk. Pohnpei's SCUBA scene is much like its surfing scene was prior to the late 1990s -- few people have any clue what they're ...
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Due to Pohnpei's encircling mangrove forests and heavy rainfall, going snorkeling isn't quite as easy to do as it might be on other islands that have beach access and drier climates. Continuous out-flow from the island's many streams and rivers ...
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In the early 2000s, the word began to get out and the world got its first glimpses of the gorgeous beast that is P-Pass. Since that time, Pohnpei Island has been visited by virtually every high-profile professional in the sport ...
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Swimming & Picnicking

Adventures >> Swimming & Picnicking ...
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Kalangan to Miller Benjamin for helping to check place names for accuracy; Mike Viti, John Ranahan, and Karino Olpet for sharing their in-depth, first-hand knowledge about SCUBA diving on Pohnpei — without which this guide could not have been created; Allois Malfitani at Pohnpei Surf Club for sharing his knowledge of and experience with the local surfing scene and for getting us permission to use all the killer surf photos taken by Pohnpei Surf Club and first-class surf photographers like Swilly, Kotch, and Shields; Wilbur Walter of Nihco Surf for more surfing info; Danny and Arlene Rosenkrans for helping explore all the kayaking Pohnpei has to offer; Peterson Anson of Pohnpei Transportation & Infrastructure for helping to create the beautiful shaded relief on our maps; Danko Taborosi of Island Research & Education Initiative (IREI) for his considerable support and technical assistance; and the Australian Government for funding the production of this guide.

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