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Due to Pohnpei’s encircling mangrove forests and heavy rainfall, going snorkeling isn’t quite as easy to do as it might be on other islands that have beach access and drier climates. Continuous out-flow from the island’s many streams and rivers carry sediment into the inner lagoon, reducing visibility and inhibiting reef development. So, if you want to see the truly stunning reef-life that Pohnpei has to offer, you’ll have to get in a boat or kayak and get away from the coasts, out to the outer lagoon, the fringing reefs of small off-shore islands, and the barrier reef passes.

  • Entering any marine protected areas, sanctuaries, or mangrove reserves requires a permit. Visit our MPA page for details.

Where to Snorkel

We’ll be adding to this list little by little as each Eco-Adventure Map Guide is completed.

Tanizumi style blast walls around the foundation of a Japanese storage facility for heavy ordnance on Sapwtik Island

Sapwtik Island

Sapwtik Island Sapwtik, which means "small land," is a tiny volcanic island located directly north of Kolonia and 0.5 km northwest of Lenger. Seen in profile, the island resembles a large ...
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Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Marine Parks

Marine Parks Awak Pah Marine Park Awak Pah Marine Park is the most well-known of the parks in the area and has a nice big sign right out on the main road ...
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Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Nahpali Island

Nahpali Island Nahpali is a long, narrow reef island running roughly northeast-southwest and located northeast of Temwen Island in Madolenihmw Municipality. The island is privately owned by the Senda family and ...
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Sunset at Pakin Atoll, Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia.

And & Pakin Atolls

Pohnpei's Satellite Atolls Beyond Pohnpei’s lagoon, the closest land to be found exists on two “satellite atolls” called And (pronounced änt) and Pakin (pä.keen). An atoll is made up of a ...
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Snorkeling Pohnpei’s East Side

Snorkeling Pohnpei's East Side Temwen Vicinity Pahn Nahkapw Wall The best snorkeling in the area is west of Nahkapw (island) along the edge of the reef, where a coral wall drops quickly off ...
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